Dangerous Car Parts

10 May 2010
Posted by matt

So I replaced the fuel filter on my Honda yesterday. I used an ADL blueprint part - the same as I normally fit, since they are supposedly good quality. Although next time I need one, I will see what other options are around.

When I started the car to go to work this morning, I lifted the bonnet to check the new filter wasn't leaking. Without exaggerating, it was spraying petrol everywhere! Fortunately nothing caused the escaped fuel to ignite and I shut off the engine as fast as possible.

After some investigation this evening, I found the reason behind the leakage. I had torqued the fittings down to the specs in the service manual - the problem was the filter itself. The outlet is via a banjo bolt, and the outlet pipe sits in a U shape between two lugs on the filter to prevent it rotating (see picture). On the new filter, the bottom of the U was too high and prevented the pipe from sealing against the filter via the two copper washers supplied with it. Unimpressed, the simplest solution was to add a third washer to get the required clearance.