Transferring SMS messages from Nokia to Android

01 Aug 2010
Posted by matt

I have just replaced my trusty Nokia 6300 with a HTC Wildfire. The Wildfire is no iPhone, but for the price I think it makes an excellent entry point into the smartphone world. Anyhow, there is a built-in app for transferring contact and calendar data from your old phone via bluetooth. This worked OK with the old Nokia, but I had a load of SMS messages I wouldn't mind importing.

To get the messages onto the Android phone, the SMS Backup and Restore app seems like the way to go, but I first had to get them off the Nokia. I briefly tried to get it working with Wammu, but had no luck accessing  SMS messages on the 6300. I had an outdated copy of Nokia PC Suite on my Windows machine, which will export the messages in a CSV format (I guess the newer Ovi Suite may do the same). So I wrote a crude utlity to convert these CSV files into the XML format used by SMS Backup and Restore. Transferring the converted files is simply a case of placing them in the SMSBackupRestore directory on your SD card and running the above Android app to restore them.

The C++ source code and a Windows executable are attached to this post in case they are useful to anyone.